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Buy Google Nexus 5 At LG Store Very Soon


According to the sources, LG will be building the Google Nexus 5 (2015). Official announcement is still waiting. It was not clear, who Google will team up for its Nexus device. Overall it seems that LG will be the created of next Nexus device.

Basically it is not surprising to know the manufacturer name (LG). We have heard the strong rumours that a Chinese manufacturer Huawei would be creating device. As we know that the previous Nexus 5 was built by LG.

It does not mean that Huawei will be out of the race. We cannot set it in stone because it has not been verified after starting the rumours.
We have also got the news that Google could be planning to release two new Nexus phones this year for its customers. News, we received that Huawei may build a larger Nexus device and the name of Nexus handset that would be created by LG have the codename LG Angler. We are not very sure but TOI has published an article about this.

The set LG Angler will have the screen size 5.2 inch with 2700 mAh battery. Battery backup will be good in all respect. If device will produce by Huawei then it is rumoured to have 5.7 inch screen with a 3500 mAh battery backup as well as Snapdragon 810 processor.

Google Nexus 5 

If we believe on the source of Android Pit’s, the dream comes true and we can see the Google Nexus device this year with collaboration of LG. We cannot say that Huawei will be out of the race this year. 

Anything can happen in last moment. Now we are waiting for the Google Nexus 5 this year with great features. It will also be see that what will be the success rate of Nexus 5 and response in market. This would be the challenge for Google to sell the product at large scale.  


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